If you want to verify your users by sending a verification code via SMS you need to provide a SMS gateway service class through the initializer.

This service can also be used by some spaces, and external modules could use it too.

An example class would be something like:

class MySMSGatewayService
  attr_reader :mobile_phone_number, :code, :context
  def initialize(mobile_phone_number, code, context = {})
    @mobile_phone_number = mobile_phone_number
    @code = code
    @context = context
  def deliver_code
    # Actual code to deliver the code

The arguments provided for the initialize method are:

  • mobile_phone_number - The full mobile phone number to send the message to, containing the country code.

  • code - The code or the message to be sent to the given mobile phone number.

  • context - An extra context attribute which can be used to pass e.g. the correct organization for the gateway to utilize.

Then you will need to configure it in the Decidim initializer:

  config.sms_gateway_service = "MySMSGatewayService"

You can find an example on how this is set up at DecidimBarcelona’s app/services/sms_gateway.rb. Your final implementation will depend on how your SMS provider works.

Another example which also utilizes the context argument can be found from the Twilio SMS integration available at: