This page provides an overview of the security procedures followed by the Maintainers when handling security issues. For information on our security policy, see Decidim Security Policy.

  1. Security issues can be received by email or by the GitHub Security Advisories feature.

  2. We will open a GitHub Security Advisory with:

    1. an explanation of the issue, without giving much details about the vulnerability.

    2. the metadata necessary, such as affected releases and severity.

    3. we will not give a step by step explanation on how to exploit the vulnerability.

  3. The issue will be handled privately (on a private fork) until a fix is ready.

  4. Once the fix is ready, we will open a PR to the develop branch with the fix.

  5. We will do the backports to the supported versions.

  6. We will release a new version with the fix.

  7. On the Release Notes of the versions with the fix, we will add a note about the vulnerability with a reference to the CVE or the GitHub Security Advisory ID if there is not any ID. See below the Template for the Release Notes.

  8. We will send a notification to the Decidim Devs Matrix chat room. We will not mention the vulnerability, just that there is a new version with a security fix. See below the Template for the Decidim Devs chat room message

  9. We will wait the grace period (2 or 4 months depending on the severity) before disclosing the vulnerability.

  10. After the grace period, we will publish the Security Advisory.

Template for the Release Notes

## Security fixes

This release addresses several security issues, including the following:


The details regarding the security vulnerability will be published on XXX 2023, which is two months after the release date of this version. For more information, please refer to our [Security Policy](

We highly recommend updating to this version as soon as possible to ensure the security of your system.

Template for the Decidim Devs chat room message

Hi everyone! On behalf of the Decidim Maintainers Team, I would like to share the following message:

We want to inform you that there are new releases with some security vulnerabilities fixes, v0.XXX.XXX [0] and v0.XXX.XXX [1]. We strongly recommend that you plan to update your installations accordingly.

As per our Security policy [2], we will publish information about these vulnerabilities on XXX.

(from the Decidim Maintainers Team)