The partners are the sponsors or supporters of a conference. They are listed on the Conference landing page.

Conferences partners (frontend)

Create a new partner

Conferences partners

For creating a new partner of a conference:

  1. Sign in as administrator

  2. Go to the conferences section in the sidebar

  3. Click on the conference Edit action

  4. Click on the Partners link in the sidebar

  5. Click on the "New partner" button

  6. Fill the form

Conferences partners form

Table 1. New partner form
Field Type Description



What is the name of this partner.

Partner type


Choose one of these options: Main promotor or Collaborator



Which order will it have in relation to the other partners. Having a lower number means a higher priority. For instance, if you have two partners, "Partner a" with weight "10" and "Partner b" with weight "0", then "Partner b" will be first when ordering.




Guidance for image: Preferably a landscape image that does not have any text. The service crops the image. Maximum file size: 5MB Allowed file extensions: jpg jpeg gif png bmp ico