Process types

In some cases it is necessary to organize participatory processes by more than just Process Groups. This is where Process Types can be useful.

Process Types work similarly to Assembly types.

New process type form

For creating a new process type:

  1. Sign in as administrator

  2. Go to the Processes section in the sidebar

  3. Click on the Process types link in the sidebar

  4. Click on the "New process type" button

  5. Fill in the form

A screenshot of the back-end showing the button to create a new process type

Table 1. New participatory process type form: General information
Field Type Description



Title of the participatory process type. For instance, "Consultative".

Add process type to existing processes

It’s possible to add a process type to existing processes. Edit the process, and select the process type under the section labelled Other.

A screenshot of editing an existing process to add a process type

Process type filter

In the front-end if there is at least one Process Type defined, a filter shows, allowing filtering of Processes.

A screenshot of the front-end showing a filter for Process types