Organization’s census authorization

The process is as follows:

  1. Admins upload a CSV with the emails of the accepted participants

  2. Participants go to its accounts and requests to be verified

  3. Only participants with an email in that CSV file can get verified

is this too simple and you need more features related to CSV census imports? Check all the CSV or file based authorizations in our Modules page.

1. An administrator uploads the CSV of the participants

In the admin panel, the administrator can review the request by going to the "Organization’s census" in the "Participants" section.

Organization’s census in admin panel

After the CSV is imported then the administrator can see how many participants where imported. They can also delete this imported census.

Imported CSV

2. A participant requests to be verified

By going to the authorization section in its profile, or by clicking on the action button if this permission is requested, a participant can request to be verified.

Organization’s census in participant’s accounts

3. The participant is verified (or not)

After is verified, as with other verifications, they can see it in their account settings.

Verified by organization’s census