Decidim offers several methods for allowing participants to get authorization to perform certain privileged actions. This module implements several of those methods and also offers a way for installation to implement their custom verification methods.

There are several use cases for this, such as

  • Sending a SMS code to users to verify that their have a valid cellphone

  • Allowing users to upload a photo or scanned image of their identity document

  • Sending users a code through postal code

  • Allowing users to go to to a physical office and check their documentation

  • Checking some information through other systems (as a Municipal Census on the case of Municipalities, Cities or Towns)

  • Having a list of valid users emails

Currently Decidim supports only a few of these cases, but we have an internal API where you can program your own kind of authorizations.


Each Decidim instance is in full control of its authorizations, and can customize:

  • The different methods to be used by users to get verified. For example, through a census, by uploading their identity documents, or by receiving a verification home at their address.

  • The different actions in decidim that require authorization, and which authorization method they require. For example, a decidim instance might choose to require census authorization to create proposals, but a fully verified address via a verification code sent by postal mail for voting on proposals.

The default Decidim application comes pre-configured with some example authorization strategies that you can test to get familiar with the system. If you want to verify yourself with these strategies, please follow these instructions:

  • For the "Example authorization" strategy, use a document number ended with "X". Other details can be as you wish.

  • For the "Another example authorization", use a passport number starting with "A". Other details can be as you wish.