How to contribute to Decidim

We’re really glad you’re reading this, because we need volunteer developers to help this project come to fruition.

If you haven’t already, come find us in Gitter. We want you working on things you’re excited about.

Did you find a bug?

  • Do not open up a GitHub issue if the bug is a security vulnerability in Decidim, and instead send us an email to security [at] See full security policy.

  • Ensure the bug was not already reported by searching on GitHub under Issues and on Metadecidim.

  • If you’re unable to find an open issue addressing the problem, open a new one on GitHub. Be sure to include a title and clear description, as much relevant information as possible, and a code sample or an executable test case demonstrating the expected behavior that is not occurring.

Did you write a patch that fixes a bug?

  • Open a new GitHub pull request with the patch.

  • Ensure the PR description clearly describes the problem and solution. Include the relevant issue number if applicable.

Do you intend to add a new feature or change an existing one?

  1. Suggest your change in Metadecidim

  2. Wait until Product Team reviews and accept the feature

  3. Make the Pull Request.

You can read in detail about this process in Governance

Do you have questions about the source code?

  • Ask any question about how to use Decidim in Gitter.

Do you want to contribute to Decidim documentation?

Do you want to contribute to Decidim design?

Do you want to improve an existing language in Decidim?

Do you want to add a new language to Decidim?