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Managing administration users involves such tasks as: registering other administrators; validating user groups (organisations/ collectives) that have been registered and whose effective existence has been confirmed; managing temporary users created from Citizen Help and Information Offices to enable people who have no internet to take part in Decidim: recognising that a person has a certain position in the organisation (Oficializations) and authenticating that the person taking part is who they say they are (Verifications).[1]

To manage users, click on USERS in the DASHBOARD menu. The USERS window will open (Users.).

Figure 1. Users.

To register an administrator, click on Admins in the USERS submenu. A list of those that are already administrators will appear; click on New in the upper right of the screen. A screen will open (Invite user as administrator.) whose Name and Email fields have to be filled in and Role selected from the (Admin or User manager) drop-down menu. To finish, click Invite.

Figure 2. Invite user as administrator.

To validate a user group, go to User groups in the USERS submenu. A new window will open (User groups.) displaying a list with all the user groups that have been registered, respective numbers of documents, telephone numbers, user numbers, creation date, status (verified, rejected or pending) and possible initiatives (Verify or Reject).

Figure 3. User groups.

User groups can be directly validated in this window, once their existence has been confirmed, by clicking on the corresponding Verify icon. To facilitate management the user groups can be filtered according to whether they are verified, rejected or pending, by selecting from the Filter by drop-down menu.

To publicly accredit (officialise) that a person has a certain position/ post in the organisation, click on Oficializations in the Users submenu. The OFICIALIZATIONS window (Officializations.) will open, displaying a list with some of the users and the initiatives that can be carried out: Officialize, and where the person has already been officialised, Reofficialize or Unofficialize.

Figure 4. Officializations.

To officialise a person and post, filter by name and click on the Officialize action. The Officialize User “X” window will open (Officialize user.), where you will have to insert the Officialization badge (the position that is recognised).

Figure 5. Officialize user.

To manage managed users (impersonally temporary with previous identification), click on Managed Users in the USERS submenu [the appropriate authorisation has to be granted from management of administrators before this action can be carried out.

1. The Verifications function is currently under development.