Participants Impersonations

For participants that don’t have the knowledge or don’t have an email for registering an account, there’s the Impersonation feature.

This allows an 'Administrator' or 'Participant manager' to search through a Verification system for an already existing participant and also to create a participant without email.

At the code and the User Interface we say both Impersonation and Managed Participants. It’s the same thing.


Admin’s Impersonations panel

This is the panel where you can find all the participants:

  • by filtering by managed or not managed participants

  • by searching by name

After you’ve clicked in Manage new participant you’ll go to the form to enter the personal data to check against the verification:

Admin’s Impersonations form
If you don’t see the Manage new participant button, is because this feature only works when you have a Verification of kind direct (also known as form authorizations). See in your system panel which Available authorizations are enabled. You can learn more regarding how to program your form authorization in decidim-verification README.

After this data is confirmed then there’ll be a session for the participant for 30 minutes:

Impersonated user session

Finally, it’s also possible to Promote a participant, meaning that after a participant has been managed, an administrator can add the email and send her an Invitation:

Admin’s promotion Impersonations