Code by postal letter authorization

This authorization allows a participant to request for a verification code to be sent to its address, to confirm that she lives or works in this place. She’ll need to then fill the code in the platform.

The process is:

  1. Participants request a verification code to be sent to their address.

  2. An administrator sends the letter to their address with the verification code.

  3. An administrator marks the letter as sent.

  4. Once you mark the letter as sent, the participant will be able to introduce the code.

  5. If this code matchs, then she gets verified.

1. A participant request the verification code

By going to the authorization section in its profile, or by clicking on the action button if this permission is requested, a participant can see the form for filling in her full address to request the verification code.

Code by postal letter request by participant

If she tries to edit it, she’ll see this message:

Edit the postal letter request

This is because the letter could be in the process of being sent. If this needs to be corrected, then the participant needs to contact to the organization.

2. An administrator review this request and sent the letter

In the admin panel, the administrator can review the request by going to the "Code by postal letter" in the "Participants" section.

Code by postal letter ongoing panel in admin

Here she can see the verification code and can send it to the participant by mail. After the code is sent she can mark it as sent with the icon Mark as sent. It’ll also show when the letter was sent.

3. A participant fills in the verification code

After the participant has received the code, she can go to it’s account settings and click in the "Code by postal letter" verfication method.

Code by postal letter ongoing in the participant account

Then she’ll see the form for confirming the code.

Code by postal letter confirmation form

4. The verification code matches or not

If the verification code matches, then the participant will see the message "Congratulations. You’ve been successfully verified".

On the other hand, if the verification code doesn’t match, then the participant will see the message "Your verification code doesn’t match ours. Please double-check the letter we sent to you."

After is verified, as with other verifications, she can see it in her account settings.

Verified by code by postal letter