My data

In this section participants can request a file with all the data that they’ve provided to the platform.

My data

To request the data:

  1. Sign in as a participant

  2. Click in the name of the participant in the header

  3. Click in "My account"

  4. Click in "My data" in the sidebar

  5. Click in "Request data"

  6. Wait a couple of minutes so the files are generated. It could depend in how many proposals, comments, etc you’ve made

  7. Go to your email account and find the received email

  8. Click in "Download"

  9. Open it with a support zip software

  10. Enter the password that you’ve received in the email

  11. Unzip or extract the contents

My data

Zip applications

For opening the zip file, the software that you use need to support encryption with the AES-256 algorithm. Depending on your operating system you have multiple alternatives.

  • Windows: 7-Zip

  • Mac: Keka

  • GNU/Linux: File Roller (available through your package manager) or PeaZip