For your first time accessing to a Decidim plaform as Admin, you’ll receive an invitation email so you can finish setting up your account with your nickname, name and password.

Once you’ve finished and you’re logged-in, you’ll be able to access the Admin panel, starting with the Dashboard page. For this you’ll need to click on your username, and click on "Admin dashboard".

Decidim Admin Dashboard in user menu

Here, you’ll have a summary of the last activity of the platform.

Decidim Admin Dashboard

You’ll have three blocks:

  1. Activity: participants and admins that had logged in in last month, last week and last day.

  2. Metrics: the graphics for the evolution of multiple things inside of Decidim:

    • Participants

    • Proposals

    • Comments

    • Meetings

    • Accepted proposals

    • Results

  3. Admin log: last actions made by Administrator users in the platform.