This section allows you to manage participants' authorizations. It depends on which Authorizations you have configured and enabled by your developers. To understand more what are authorizations and how to configure them, please refer to the Authorizations section in the Customize Guide.

With authorizations an administrator can define different permissions so participants can make some actions in a component. For instance you can configure that only participants who have verified herselves by their identity documents can vote on proposals in a participatory process.

A participant can see which authorizations does she have available in her account settings.

Authorizations in participants account

Authorizations revocation

A default Decidim installation will not have verified participants.

Authorizations in a default installation

In the moment that there are some participants verified, an administrator can revoke all the authorizations, as the attributes that give permissions to those participants could be changed in time and the platform didn’t receive these changes in the participants statuses. For instance, an identity document of a participant could be expired, or if a participant have been authorized by the "code by postal letter", that participant could move in the meantime.

Authorizations revocation

It’s possible to revoke all the authorizations with "Revoke all", or to only revoke authorizations before a given date. Another possiblity is to revoke only the impersonated participants.

Verification methods

Some of the available authorizations by default are:

If any of these authorizations are not useful for your needs, talk with your implementer to see other alternatives. Learn more about Authorizations in the Customize Guide section.