With the amendment feature, participants can propose changes to an already published proposal.

It’s useful to propose improvements or corrections, specially useful when redacting laws or normatives with Participatory Texts.

It has similarities with Collaborative Drafts, but the main difference is that with amendments there is no need to trust the other authors intentions, as every change is reviewed and must be approved by the author of the original proposal.

Amendment of a proposal

To configure "Amendments" in proposals component:

  1. Sign in as admin

  2. Go to admin panel

  3. In the main sidebar, click in the button for the space that you want to configure the component for. For instance, it could be "Processes", "Assemblies", or "Conferences"

  4. Go to components

  5. Click on "Add component" button

  6. Click on "Proposals"

  7. Check the "Amendments enabled" setting

  8. Review and configure the following related settings: "Amendments Wizard help text" in global component settings and "Amendment creation enabled", "Amendment reaction enabled", "Amendment promotion enabled", and "Amendments visibility" in the step component settings.

  9. Save the component

How it works

  1. A participant (Alice) has created a proposal

  2. Another participant (Bob) has seen the proposal and wants to make some changes proposal to amend

  3. Bob click on the "Amend proposal" button

  4. Bob makes the changes in the "Create amendment draft" form create amendment draft

  5. Bob checks if there is any similar amendment

  6. Bob edits the amendment draft edit amendment draft

  7. Bob publishes the amendment draft publish amendment draft

  8. Anyone can see the amendment draft proposal amendmed amendment list amendment view side by side

  9. It’s also possible to filter the amended proposals amendment list filter

  10. Alice receives a notification that Bob has proposed an amendment to her original proposal proposal amendmed notification

  11. Alice can see the amendment proposal proposal amendmed to review

  12. Alice can review the amendment proposal proposal amendmed review

  13. Alice can approve the amendment proposal proposal amendmed accepted

  14. Anyone can see the final proposal proposal amendmed final proposal amendmed amendment list

  15. Anyone can see the versions history of the proposal proposal amendmed versions

Relevant component settings

Table 1. Proposals component form - Settings related to amendments
Field Type Description

Amendments enabled


Check to enable amendments in proposals. Other settings visible when enabling one.

Amendments Wizard help text


What’s the help text visible when creating new amendments.

Amendment creation enabled


Participant can amend proposals. See Amendments.

Amendment reaction enabled


Proposal’s authors will be able to accept or reject Participant’s emendations.

Amendment promotion enabled


Emandation authors will be able to promote to Proposal the rejected emendation.

Amendments visibility


Choose one of "Amendments are visible to all" or "Amendments are visible only to their authors"


If a proposal is rejected and the "Amendment promotion enabled" is enabled, then the author that have made the rejected amendment will be able to promote to a new proposal the rejected emendation.