Registration types

You can enable registrations in conferences, so it’s easier to register to the whole conference, or by days, rather than going meeting by meeting to enable registration for that particular event.

After enabling registrations participants will have a button to register to the conference in the landing and the conference’s header.

Registration button on landing page

Registration button on landing page

If you want to enable registration you’ll need to define and publish at least one registration type.

Select registration type without a user account

Create a new registration type

For adding a new registration type, you need to:

  1. Sign in as administrator

  2. Go to the conferences section in the sidebar

  3. Click on the conference Edit action

  4. Click on the "Registration types" link in the sidebar

  5. Click on the "New Registration type" button

  6. Fill the form

  7. Publish the registration type

Create a new registration type form

Manage registration types

Table 1. Create a new registration type
Field Type Description



What is the title of this registration type.


Which order will it have in relation to the other types. Having a lower number means a higher priority. For instance, if you have two types, "Day 1" with weight "10" and "Day 2" with weight "0", then "Day 2" will be first when ordering.



Description for this registration type



Define a price for this registration type. If you don’t define a price, the price will be "Free".

Select conference meetings

If the participant is already logged in then she’ll see her username and email in the registration page.

Select registration type with user account