Through components an administrator can enable and configure different participatory mechanisms.

The platform currently have the following official components:

  • Accountability: allows to keep track of the results execution of a space. It allows administrators to also relate them to the proposals and meetings that originated them.

  • Blog: allows administrators to publish posts with news regarding a space.

  • Budgets: allows participants to vote in projects with amounts predefined. Used for participatory budgeting processes. Allows to define different kind of rules, for instance a minimum percentage of the total budget or a minimum amount of projects.

  • Debates: allows participants to have debates. Debates can be time limited or not.

  • Elections: to have end-to-end auditable elections in a space. Uses the same external system as Votings space.

  • Meetings: gatherings in person or online through videoconferences platforms.

  • Page: static pages with multi-language support.

  • Proposals: contributions posted by participants which can be given support.

  • Sortitions: this allows different kind of proposals to be selected randomly. For instance the proposals could be candidates who form part of a group (such as a committee).

  • Survey: for conducting surveys with different kinds of questions.

In the cases where your needs are not covered by one of the above components, you can create your own component through a Module.