Resources can be reportable

Reportable is a feature that allows Decidim resources to be reported by users. A resource can be reported by a user as 'spam', 'offensive' or 'does_not_belong'.

When a resource is reported, a Report is created. All Reports of a resource are grouped in a Moderation and can be moderated by the admins.

A Reportable is expected to implement:

  • reported_content_url: the URL for the reportable resource;

  • reported_attributes: a list of attributes that can be reported (e.g. [:title, :body]) - used to display the report content by the ReportedContentCell;

  • reported_searchable_content_extras (optional): a list of attributes other than reported_attributes the report can be search by (e.g. []) - used in the reports search bar of the admin panel.

Public view

The ReportedContentCell

The reccomended way to render the content of a Reportable is with a decidim/reported_content cell.

cell("decidim/reported_content", reportable)

By default, this will render the generic Decidim::ReportedContentCell. You can also customize the template for your Reportable by extending Decidim::ReportedContentCell (see Decidim::Proposal::ReportedContentCell)