Assembly members

Assembly members allow showing all the people or groups that belong to a given assembly. It’s useful for being transparent.

Assembly members of the Coordination Committee

New assembly member form

Assembly members admin list

For creating a new phase of a participatory process:

  1. Sign in as administrator

  2. Go to the assemblies section in the sidebar

  3. Click on the assembly Edit action

  4. Click on the Members link in the sidebar

  5. Click on the "New member" button

  6. Fill the form

Assembly members new form

Table 1. New assembly member form
Field Type Description

Participant type


Wheter this assembly member is non-participant or existing participant. Does she already have an account created on the platform?

Full name

Required if it’s non-participant.

User or group

Required if it’s an existing participant.

Type at least three characters to search.



Choose one of President, Vice president, Secretary, or Other. In case it’s other, you can fill in the position title.



Which order will it have in relation to the other members. Having a lower number means a higher priority. For instance, if you have two members, "Member a" with weight "10" and "Member b" with weight "0", then "Member b" will be first when ordering.

Designation date


When was this person or group assigned as a member of this assembly. Expected format: dd/mm/yyyy

Designation mode


How was this person designed.

Ceased date


When was this person or group ceased to be a member of this assembly. Expected format: dd/mm/yyyy



Which gender does this person most identify with.



When was this person born. Expected format: dd/mm/yyyy



Where was this person born.