Welcome to Decidim Documentation

This is the documentation site to Decidim, a participatory democracy platform created initially by Barcelona City Hall.

Decidim is a framework that allows anybody to create and configure a website platform, to be used in the form of a political network for democratic participation. The platform allows any organization (local city council, association, university, NGO, neighbourhood or cooperative) to create mass processes for strategic planning, participatory budgeting, collaborative design for regulations, urban spaces and election processes.

New to Decidim?

You’ve found the documentation for Decidim. Learn about the project at decidim.org.

This is the documentation for the 0.27 version. You can see this same documentation site for other versions: v0.28 and develop

The documentation covers installing, configuring, and running your own Decidim site.

If you want to make changes to the source code, we have documentation for developers too.

If you are an organisation who wants to use Decidim, or a developer who is interested in collaborating on the software, please get in touch.

Decidim is a community effort, as such if you find any errors on these guides please let us know at hola [at] decidim [dot] org. Every help is welcome. If you’ve a GitHub user then you can even propose changes to this website with the Edit link on every page.