Decidim is a Ruby on Rails library, and as such we try to follow their conventions. Please read Configuring Rails Applications.

Decidim is also a command line executable capable of generating your own Decidim installation.

Install it as:

gem install decidim

For a simple, bare application, just run:

decidim my_decidim_application

However you can take advantage of the optional flags to automatically configure some aspects of the application. Check the available options using the --help modifier:

decidim --help

For instance, if you are planing to use some external cloud storage service (such as S3), create a Decidim application using the --storage modifier:

decidim --storage s3 my_decidim_application

It is also recommended to use a proper Job Queue processor such as sidekiq or delayed_job. The --queue modifier allows you to generate a Decidim Application with a proper Sidekiq configuration (DelayedJob is not supported yet, PR wellcomed, but you can easily just follow the official instructions):

decidim --queue sidekiq my_decidim_application

Then make use of the related Environment Variables to configure your particular provider.

Just as a reminder, these files are important:

  • config/database.yml

  • config/secrets.yml

Although most of these settings you can change them through Environment Variables.

You also have more settings in: