Reported users

There are cases where participants could go against the Terms of Service of the platform, so it’s useful to have the option for reporting and blocking users. You can read more about how moderation and reporting contents work in Global moderations.

A participant can be blocked from the participants section in the admin panel or through this "Reported users" section.

Anyone can propose a moderation in Decidim, through the "Flag" icon in the participant profile. After a participant has clicked in this action she needs to provide a reason why she’s making this report:

  • Contains clickbait, advertising, scams or script bots.

  • Contains racism, sexism, slurs, personal attacks, death threats, suicide requests or any form of hate speech.

  • Contains illegal activity, suicide threats, personal information, or something else you think doesn’t belong on Demo.

  • Other (and add it)

Give reason for reporting a participant modal Flag in sidebar profile

After clicking in this option you’ll need to provide a justification why you’re blocking this participant:

Justificate the blocked user action

Once a blocked participant tries to log-in she’ll see an error message:

Message shown to blocked user

After a participant was blocked its name is changed to "Blocked user".