In this section participants can choose which kind of notifications they’ll receive. For instance, depending in the activity of the installation and spaces, most people would want to disable the "Everything I follow"

Notifications settings

To go to this section:

  1. Sign in as a participant

  2. Click in the name of the participant in the header

  3. Click in "My account"

  4. Click in "Notifications settings" in the sidebar

The options available are:

  • I want to get notifications about

    • My own activity, like when someone comments in my proposal or mentions me

    • Everything I follow

  • Send notifications by email

    • I want to receive an email every time I receive a notification

  • Newsletters

    • I want to receive newsletters

  • Receive direct messages from anyone

    • Allow anyone to send me a direct message, even if I don’t follow them

  • Administrators

    • I want to receive an email every time something is reported for moderation