Media links

Conferences can have a section called "Media and links". It shows a list of media files and links that are associated to the conference.

The media files are the files from the attachments sections. The media links are defined in a section in the admin panel of the conference.

Conferences media links (frontend)

Conferences media links

For creating a new media link of a conference:

  1. Sign in as administrator

  2. Go to the conferences section in the sidebar

  3. Click on the conference Edit action

  4. Click on the "Media links" link in the sidebar

  5. Click on the "New Media Link" button

  6. Fill the form

Create a new conferences media link

Table 1. New media link form
Field Type Description



The title of the link



URL of the link



Published date of the link



Which order will it have in relation to the other links. Having a lower number means a higher priority. For instance, if you have two links, "Link a" with weight "10" and "Link b" with weight "0", then "Link b" will be first when ordering.