Verification’s conflicts

There are cases depending on which kind of verifications you’ve enabled that there could be verification’s conflicts.

For instance:

  1. A participant get impersonated, and she doesn’t provide an email

  2. Then she creates an account and tries to verify herself with the Census verification

For security, we try to be extra cautious in these cases, and we want that an administrator reviews these verifications. As you can see, this depends a lot on which kind of verifications you’ve enabled in your organization, so it’s easy to say that most of the time an organization will not see any conflicts in this panel.

Verification’s conflicts panel

Transfer user

An administrator can review these conflicts by clicking in the Transfer user Transfer user icon.

Then she’ll see the Transfer user form, where she can provide a reason for the transfer.

verifications conflicts transfer user

Table 1. Transfer user form
Field Type Description



Why you want to transfer the user



The email of the user to transfer

After the user is transferred, both accounts (the original and the new one) will be merged.