Participatory texts

This feature allows you to navigate the proposals as text. It’s useful for discussing normatives, plans, or other kinds of texts.

Every paragraph is split into a proposal, so it’s possible to discuss it in a more granular way.

Some examples of where this feature was used are:

Vision Greenpeace

PAM 2020-2023 in Decidim Barcelona

To configure the "Participatory texts" in proposals component:

  1. Sign in as admin

  2. Go to admin panel

  3. In the main sidebar, click in the button for the space that you want to configure the component for. For instance, it could be "Processes", "Assemblies", or "Conferences"

  4. Go to components

  5. Click on "Add component" button

  6. Click on "Proposals"

  7. Check the "Participatory texts enabled" setting

  8. Save the component

  9. Click in the "Participatory texts" button in the empty proposals component Manage proposals

  10. Click in the "Import document" button in the empty Preview participatory text panel Preview empty participatory text

  11. Fill the Add document form Add document form

  12. Preview the document and make corrections Preview participatory text

  13. Click on publish the document Imported document proposals

  14. Publish the proposal component

Notice that this feature could break existing proposals, so if there is any proposal it will not work. You’ll see the following message in the components settings:

Cannot interact with this setting if there are existing proposals. Please, create a new Proposals component if you want to enable this feature or discard all imported proposals in the Participatory Texts menu if you want to disable it.

Add document form

Although it’s possible to work with both Markdown (.MD) and ODT (.ODT) files, we recommend working with Markdown as it’s easier to see the formatting.

Add document form

Table 1. Add document form
Field Type Description



What’s the title of the document?



Description for the document



File. Add a document lesser than 2MB, each section until 3 levels deep will be parsed into proposals. Supported formats are: Markdown, ODT

Preview the document

After the document is initially imported you have three options:

  1. Discard

  2. Save draft

  3. Publish document


Once the document is imported and the proposals component published, you’ll be able to navigate the document:

Frontend Frontend hover in proposal Frontend proposal detail