Collaborative draft

With the collaborative draft feature participants can make a proposal with multiple authors.

It’s useful to propose improvements or corrections.

It has similarities with Amendments but the main difference is that with collaborative drafts there is a need to trust other authors, as they can make any change to the original proposal without approval by the original author, although the original author can decide if she promotes the collaborative draft as a proposal.

Collaborative draft with request access button

To configure "Collaborative Drafts" in Proposals component:

  1. Sign in as admin

  2. Go to admin panel

  3. In the main sidebar, click in the button for the space that you want to configure the component for. For instance, it could be "Processes", "Assemblies", or "Conferences"

  4. Go to components

  5. Click on "Add component" button

  6. Click on "Proposals"

  7. Check the "Collaborative drafts enabled" setting

  8. Save the component

How it works

  1. A participant (Alice) wants to create a collaborative draft. For that, she goes to the proposals list page.

  2. Alice clicks in the "Access collaborative drafts" button proposals list01

  3. Alice clicks in "New collaborative draft" button list empty

  4. Alice fills the form and submits it create form

  5. Once the collaborative draft is created, Alice can: edit, withdraw or publish the collaborative draft and approve or reject collaboration requests collaborative draft

  6. Another participant (Bob) has seen the collaborative draft and wants to make some changes collaborative draft request access

  7. Bob clicks in the "Request access" button access requested

  8. Alice receives the notification notification

  9. Alice goes to the collaborative draft. There she can accept or reject the collaboration request author sidebar

  10. Alice approves the collaboration request. Once a request is approved it can’t be rejected

  11. Now the collaborative draft has multiple authors multiple authors

  12. Bob can edit the collaborative draft by clicking in the "Edit collaborative draft" button edit collaborative draft edit form

  13. Once the collabrative draft is edited, then it’s possible to see the old versions and its changes collaborative draft edited collaborative draft edited versions collaborative draft edited versions show v2 01 collaborative draft edited versions show v2 02

  14. Once Alice is satisfied with the collaborative draft, she can publish it by click in the "Publish" button publish modal

  15. When it’s published it becomes a proposal proposal proposals list02

  16. And the collaborative draft is still visible although it can’t be edited anymore collaborative draft published

Important aspects

  • A collaborative draft can has any number of authors.

  • Only the original author can approve or reject the collaboration requests.

  • Only the original author can publish the collaborative draft.

  • Only the original author can withdraw the collaborative draft.

  • Once a collaboration request is approved, it can’t be rejected.