To deploy the Bulletin Board in a production environment, there are some extra precautions we need to take.


The Bulletin Board server is a Ruby on Rails application. Apart for the server stack, we will need to set up:

  • Postgresql as database;

  • Redis - used by Sidekiq.


The Bulletin Board server is published in Dockerhub as a Docker container.

If you want to deploy a modified version of the Bulletin Board, we highly recommend to use Dockerfile.web in the root folder of the repository to build and release the application.


The Bulletin Board uses ActiveStorage. You will need to set it up with the credentials of the cloud storage of your choice in bulletin_board/server/config/storage.yml, taking the secrets from environment variables.

Environment Variables

We’ll need to set up an array of environment variables in order for the sever to function correctly.

  • Rails:

    • RACK_ENV and RAILS_ENV with value production;

    • RAILS_SERVE_STATIC_FILES with value true;


  • Connect to Postgres:

    • DATABASE_URL with the full URL of the database;

  • Redis:

    • REDIS_URL with the full URL of the Redis instance;

  • ActiveRecord:

    • The secrets of the cloud storage of your choice;

  • CORS:

    • CORS_ORIGIN_ALLOWED with the list of hosts of Decidim instances that will use this Bulletin Board. If you don’t know what Decidim instances will use this Bulletin Board, you can put *

SSL certificate

To be able to use some advanced cryptography features, both the Bulletin Board as Decidim should be served using HTTPS and a valid SSL certificate.