How to test Decidim engines


You need to create a dummy application to run your tests. Run the following command in the decidim root’s folder:

bundle exec rake test_app

Running a specific test file or just a single spec

If you are writing new specs, you can run the tests contained in a single file by opening a console window in the corresponding module and calling rspecon the file. For example:

cd decidim-participatory_processes
bundle exec rspec spec/forms/participatory_process_form_spec.rb

You can also run a single test by appending its start line number to the command:

bundle exec rspec spec/forms/participatory_process_form_spec.rb:134

Running tests for a specific component

A Decidim engine can be tested running the rake task named after it. For example, to test the proposals engine, you can run:

bundle exec rake test_proposals

Running the whole test suite

You can also run the full thing including test application generation and tests for all components by running

bundle exec rake test_all

But beware, it takes a long time…​ :)

Continuous integration

The tests are also run when a new commit is added to the develop or releases branches, or added to a Pull Request. In the latter case, only the tests for the modules affected by any the PR commits will be executed.

This means that the workflows defined for each module in the folder .github/workflows/ should be always updated with the module’s dependencies list. The script .github/workflows/ can be helpful to keep those files updated until we have an automatic process to do it.