Configuring geocoding

Decidim has the ability to geocode proposals and meetings using Open Street Maps, for instance, you can use Here service. We can’t use the OSM server by their tile usage policy. As an alternative, you may also want to use your own self-hosted tile server.

After generating your app, you’ll see that your config/initializers/decidim.rb file has come commented code about geocoding:

# Geocoder configuration
# config.geocoder = {
#   static_map_url: "",
#   here_api_key: Rails.application.secrets.geocoder[:here_api_key]
# }

If you want to enable geocoding in your app:

  1. Uncomment or add the previous code in your config/initializers/decidim.rb.

  2. Make sure your config/secrets.yml file has the needed section (it should be added by the generator automatically).

  3. Get your app ID and code from and set them as environment variables, as required by your config/secrets.yml file.

  4. If you had your Rails server running, restart it so the changes apply.

Enabling geocoding

Once geocoding is configured, you’ll need to activate it. As of April 2017, only proposals and meetings have geocoding.


In order to enable geocoding for proposals you’ll need to edit the feature configuration and set the global flag to true. This works for that specific component, so you can have geocoding enabled for meetings in a participatory process, and disabled for another one.


Meetings do not have a configuration option for geocoding. Instead, if geocoding is configured it will try to geocode the address every time you create or update a meeting.. As of April 2017 there’s no way to enable or disable geocoding per meetings component.