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A participatory process will be reflected on the Decidim platform at different stages, each with a start date and finish date, both pre-established at the beginning, so that citizens are clear about where the process is at and how they can take part in it at any time.

As a guideline, the standard structure of a participatory process may be as follows: Stage 1: presentation; Stage 2: diagnosis; Stage 3: proposal creation and debate; Stage 4: prioritisation of proposals; Stage 5: selection of results; Stage 6: assessment; Stage 7: monitoring.

To configure the stages of the process, click on Steps in the PARTICIPATORY PROCESS submenu and then click NEW. A NEW PARTICIPATORY PROCESS STEP window will open (New participatory process step.).

You need to enter the following for each of the stages:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Start date and end date

Once you have done that, click on Create.

Figure 1. New participatory process step.

To activate the stage the process is at, click on Steps from the PARTICIPATORY PROCESS submenu. A window will open showing all the stages of the process that have been configured and the icons that enable you to Activate, Edit and Destroy each of them. Click on Activate at the corresponding stage (Process steps.).

Figure 2. Process steps.

Users will be able to display the various stages and descriptions that have been configured, by clicking on View steps (in the flag image, on the right). The stage that is active will be highlighted in red (Displaying steps of the participating user process.).

Figure 3. Displaying steps of the participating user process.