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Participatory processes currently have the following components:

  • PAGE: Static pages with multi-language support which optionally allow comments and iframes to be added.

  • MEETINGS: meetings in person, in other words face-to-face events included in a process.

  • PROPOSALS: written contributions posted by users on the platform, which can be voted on.

  • BUDGETS: a specific module for deploying a participatory budget process. This allows a minimum percentage of  the total budget to be set for supporting submitted projects.

  • SURVEY: for conducting surveys.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: follow-up files for initiatives, projects, plans etc. This enables other components such as proposals and face-to-face meetings to be added.

  • DEBATES: for conducting debates.

  • SORTITIONS: This allows the people who will form part of a group (such as a committee) to be selected at random from a larger group.

To configure components, click on Features/ Components from the PROCESSES submenu. A list will appear showing the functions that have already been configured by the process (the FEATURE/ COMPONENT NAME (which it is given) and the FEATURE/ COMPONENT TYPE that has been used for creating it (Features/ Components.).

The icons in this list enable you to carry out the following actions: Manage, Publish/ Unpublish, Configure, and configure Permissions and Destroy the feature/ component.

Figure 1. Features/ Components.

To configure a new function, click on Add feature/ component from the upper right part of the window and select the type of function you wish to configure from the drop-down menu (Add Feature/ Component.).

Figure 2. Add Feature/ Component.