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When a participatory process is launched, it is important to provide citizens with as much information as possible about them so that they can participate with knowledge. That is why it is helpful to add files (Attachments) with the information that is considered relevant.

These documents can be classified/ grouped in Collections. For example, for a process of remodeling a place, collections could be created with information about possible uses, with plans, with economic information, etc.

First you need to create the collections to be able to place the attachments later. Click Collections in the submenu of the PARTICIPATORY PROCESS, the window is shown ADVANCED COLLECTIONS (Attachment collections.).

Figure 1. Attachment collections.

Then click on NEW to create a new collection. Add Name, Weight and a Description. To finish, click Create attachment (New collection.).

Figure 2. New collection.

Once the collections have been created, the attachments can be added. Click Files in the sub-menu of the PARTICIPATORY PROCESS and click NEW to add the files. The NEW ATTACHMENT window opens (New attachment.). Write the Title and the Description, select the Weight and the Collection which you want to associate the file, and upload the file by filling the File option. To finish click Create attachment.

Figure 3. New attachment.