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The Sortitions function allows you to randomly select a certain number of proposals from a series, for example, to determine at random which people will form part of a group (such as a committee) from a larger group, where each person would be a nomination.

To configure the Sortitions function in the PROCESSES submenu, click first on Features/ Components and then click on Add feature in the upper right part of the window and select Sortitions. The ADD FEATURE/ COMPONENTS: SORTITIONS (Add Feature/ Components: Sortitions.).

Figure 1. Add Feature/ Components: Sortitions.

The following fields have to be filled in:

  • Name: Name of the sortition

  • Weight: the order in which the Sortition component will be displayed in the participatory process’s menu.

  • Gobal settings: Tick Comments enabled if there is a need for comments to be made.

To finish, click on Add feature/ Component.

To carry out a draw, click on NEW from the SORTITIONS window (to access it click on Sortitions from the participatory process’s Features/ Components submenu).
The NEW SORTITION window (New Sortition.) will open.

The fields that have to be filled in for configuring a new draw are as follows:

  • Title

  • Proposals set: select the series of proposals (in this case, the people who may form part of the group/ committee) that are included in the draw.

  • Categories of the set of proposals in which you want to apply the draw: select, where necessary, the categories of the series of proposals that you wish the draw to apply to.

  • Number of proposals to be selected: select the number of proposals (from the drop-down menu) which you want to be selected by means of a random draw of the previously selected series of proposals.

  • Witnesses: Enter the names of the people who will be witnesses.

  • Sortition information: fill in if further information is deemed relevant.

  • Result of die roll: To further guarantee the randomness of the result, you will need to throw a 6-sided die (or look for another random way of generating a number from 1 to 6) before witnesses and enter the resulting number in the drop-down menu.

Figure 2. New Sortition.