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To configure the Proposals function, go to the PROCESSES submenu and click on Features/ Components, then click on Add feature/ Component in the upper right part of the window and select Proposals. The ADD FEATURE/ COMPONENT: PROPOSALS window will open (_Add Feature/ Component: Proposals). The information you need to enter when the proposal function is configured is:

  • Name: Name of the proposal

  • Weight: the order in which the Proposals component is meant to be displayed on the participatory process’s menu.

  • Global settings:

    • Vote limit per user: Select, where necessary, the limit on the number of votes that a user can give.

    • Proposal limit per user: Maximum number of proposals that can be made by the users.

    • Maximum proposal body length: Select the maximum number of characters that the text of the proposal can have in the menu. 500 characters come by default.

    • Proposals can be edited by authors before this many minutes passes: time limit during which the authors of the proposals can modify them. By default it is 5 minutes, it is advisable not to leave too much time because if someone supports the proposal or makes a comment it will no longer be modifiable.

    • Maximum votes per proposal/ Threshold per proposal: maximum number of votes that can receive the proposals.

    • Tick the options that you want activated for the general configuration of the Proposals function: Can accumulate supports beyond threshold, Proposal answering enabled, Comments enabled, Geocoding enabled, Allow attachments.

    • Announcement: enter whether you wish to display a notice when users are making a proposal.

    • New proposal help text: Write if you want to show when the user is making a proposal.

    • Proposal wizard "Create" step help text: Idem.

    • Proposal wizard "Compare" step help text: write when similar proposals are shown.

    • Proposal wizard "Publish" step help text: notice that comes before publishing the proposal, in case you want to edit.

  • Default step settings:

    • Tick the options you wish to activate for each of the stages: Endorsements enabled, Endorsements blocked, Votes enabled, Votes blocked, Votes hidden, Comments blocked, Proposal creation enabled, Proposal answering enabled.

    • Announcement: enter whether you want to display a notice when users are making a proposal.

To finish, click on Afegir feature/ Component.

Figure 1. _Add Feature/ Component: Proposals

To manage proposals, that is, to accept/ reject proposals made by participants during the process, click on PROPOSALS from the PROCESSES submenu. A PROPOSALS window will open (Proposals.), where there is a list with all the proposals and a series of pieces of information for each one (TITLE, CATEGORY, ESTATE, in other words, if it is Accepted, Withdraw, Not answered, or Evaluating, and the possible ACTIONS (Private notes, Answer, and Preview).

Figure 2. Proposals.

To respond to proposals, click on the Answer icon, the ANSWER FOR PROPOSAL (Answer for proposal.) window will open where you need to tick Accepted, Rejected,  or Evaluating and enter the reason or response that you wish to give in the Answer box.

Figure 3. Answer for proposal.

You can also export proposals and/ or comments in CSV, JSON or EXCEL formats, by clicking on EXPORT in the upper right part.

To create a new proposal, in other words, to make official proposals, click on NEW in the upper right part of the PROPOSALS window (Proposals.), and the CREATE PROPOSAL window (Create proposal.) will open up, where you need to enter: Title and Body. Then click on Create.

Figure 4. Create proposal.