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These are pages with information on the various processes that may describe the process and its stages, participation methods, goals etc.

To add a page, click Page in the Add feature/ Component drop-down menu. The ADD A FEATURE/ COMPONENT: PAGE window will open: where the following fields have to be filled in (Add Feature/ Component: Page.):

  • Name: name of the page.

  • Weight: This corresponds to the order in which the components (in this case, the page) are displayed in the participatory process menu.

  • Global settings: enter the content of the message here only if you want to display an Announcement on the Page (highlighted message).

  • Step settings: enter the content of the message in the stage it is meant to appear in, if you only want to display an Announcement on the Page (highlighted message) during the execution of a stage.

Then click on Add feature/ Component.

Figure 1. Add Feature/ Component: Page.

To create/ edit the contents of the configured page, go to the submenu on the left of the participation process, Features/ Component, and click on the page name (the name that the page has been given).

The Edit page will open. Enter the page’s content in the Body box. Once you have done that, click on Update (Edit page.).

Figure 2. Edit page.

You can also edit the page or change its settings from the Features/ Component window ([features-components-fig]), by clicking the corresponding (Manage and Configure) icons. This window will likewise allow you to Publish/ Unpublish or Destroy the page.