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The feature/ component Debate allows you to open questions or discussions about specific topics defined by the administrators or the participants.
To configure the Debate Feature/ Component, in the submenu of PARTICIPATORY PROCESSES, click on features/ components. Then click on Add feature/ component in the upper right corner of the window and select Debates. The window opens ADD FEATURE/ COMPLEMENT: DEBATES (Add Feature/ Components: Debates.).

Figure 1. Add Feature/ Components: Debates.

The following items must be filled:

  • Name: Name of the debate

  • Weight: the order in which the Debate component will be displayed in the participatory process menu.

  • Global settings: Mark Comments enabled so they can comment.

  • Step settings: for each step, click Debate creation by users enabled (when users want to open debates), and only if necessary, click Comments blocked.

Finally, click on Add feature/ component.

To open a new debate, click on NEW DEBATE in the DEBATES window (to access it, click on Debates in the submenu features/components of the participatory process). The NEW DEBATE window opens (New debate.).

The items to fill in to configure a new debate are:

  • Title: title of the debate

  • Description: description of the debate

  • Instructions to participate: steps to follow in order to participate in the debate

  • Starts at: date in which the debate begins

  • Ends at: the date on which the debate ends

  • Decidim category: select the category if applicable

Finally, click on Create a debate.

Figure 2. New debate.

Once created, to view the list of debates, click Debates in the menu of features/ components of the corresponding Participatory Process. In this way, we access the Debates window (Debates.).

Figure 3. Debates.

For each of the debates, the title, the start date, the end date and the actions that can be made with each debate (Edit and Delete) are shown.