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To configure the participatory budget function, go to the PROCESSES submenu, click on Features/Components click on Add feature/ Component in the upper right part of the window and select BUDGETS. The ADD FEATURES/ COMPONENTS: BUDGETS (Add Feature/ Component: Budgets.) window will open. You need to fill in the following fields:

  • Name: name of the function.

  • Weight: this corresponds to the order in which you wish to display the component in the process menu.

  • Go to Global settings

    • Total budget: select the figure from the drop-down menu.

    • Vote threshold percent: select the percentage from the drop-down menu.

    • Comments enabled: tick to enable comments to be made.

    • Announcement: enter whether you wish to display a notice.

  • Default step settings: for each stage, tick the appropriate options:

    • Comments blocked: tick if there is no need for being able to make comments.

    • Votes enabled: Votes for projects may be collected.

    • Show votes: This shows the number of times that a project has been selected.

    • Announcement: enter whether you wish to show a notice at some stage.

To finish, click on Add feature/ Components.

Figure 1. Add Feature/ Component: Budgets.

Once the budget function has been configured, the projects that will be put to the vote need to be created. Go to the participatory process’s submenu, to Features/ Components and select Budgedname (the name that is given to the function), and click New.

The NEW RESULT window will open (New budget result.). The fields that appear in the file are as follows:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Budget

  • Scope: select the scope from the drop-down menu.

  • Category: where necessary, select the category from the drop-down menu.

  • Related proposals: select proposals relating to the project.

Figure 2. New budget result.

To edit projects for voting on, go to the participatory process’s submenu, then go to Features/ Components and select Budgetname (the name that the function has been given). The PROJECTS window (List of projects for voting on.) will open. Click on the corresponding icons: Preview to see how they will look, Edit, Collections and Attachments for adding documents or Delete. This window also lets you see the votes that the various projects have received. (Number of votes) and the total number of votes (Finished votes and Pending votes, that is, that a participant has started voting but has still not cast their vote).

Figure 3. List of projects for voting on.

Besides creating the projects, you also have to specify who can vote for them. Go to the PROCESSES submenu and click first on Features/ Components and then on the Permissions icon from Budgets. (Budget permissions icon.).

Figure 4. Budget permissions icon.

The Editing Permissions window opens, in which the criterion must be selected in the drop-down so people can vote. These criteria vary depending on the instance and must be defined when the Decide is installed, although they can be modified later by a programmer. In the example (Budget edit permissions.), the criteria are: Everyone, Identify documents (Multy-Step), Code by postal letter (Multi-Step) and Example authorization (Direct).

Figure 5. Budget edit permissions.