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The Accountability component allows people who visit the platform to view the level of execution (global, by categories and / or subcategories), of the results of a participatory process. That is to say, the proposals that have ended up being the result of the decision making in the Decidim, either directly (through the result of the application of a voting system) or mediated by meetings, assemblies, technical or political team, and its degree of execution.

The results can be converted into projects or decomposed into subprojects, which can be described in more detail and for which the execution status can be defined, ranging from 0% execution to 100%. The results, projects and states can be updated through a CVS and manually through the administration interface.

To configure the Accountability component, go to the PROCESSES submenu and click first on Features/ Components then click on Add feature/ Component in the upper right part of the window and select Accountability. The ADD FEATURE/ COMPONENT: ACCOUNTABILITY window will open (Add Features/ Components: Accountability.).

The following fields have to be filled in:

  • Name

  • Weight: the order in which you wish to display the components in the participatory process’s menu.

  • Global settings:

    • Mark Comments enabled if they should be able to comment on the results

    • And fill in the fields: Intro, Name for "Categories", Name for "Subcategories", Name for "Results", Name for "Projects".

    • Click Display progress to show the execution status

  • Default step settings: For each of the stages (1. Information, 2. Make your proposal, 3. Projects, 4. Budget, 5. Results, 6. Evaluation of the process) tick Comments blocked if appropriate (no comments can be made at this stage).

To finish, click on Add feature/ Component.

Figure 1. Add Features/ Components: Accountability.

To create a new result, click on NEW RESULT from the ACCOUNTABILITY window (to access it, click on Accountability from the participatory process’s Features/ Components submenu). The NEW RESULT window will open (New result.).

Figure 2. New result.

Featuring the following fields:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Scope: if necessary, select from the drop-down menu

  • Category: if necessary, select from the drop-down menu

  • Start date: select the date from the menu

  • End date: select the date from the menu

  • Status: select the status from the drop-down menu

  • Progress: Define the degree of progression

  • Add proposals: Go to the drop-down menu and select the proposals it includes (use the ctrl function to select more than one proposal).

  • Included projects: select from the drop-down menu

To manage the Accountability, click on Acountabilityname from the Processes submenu. The ACCOUNTABILITY window will open displaying a list of the results and possible ACTIONS (Preview, New result, Project evolution, Edit and Delete) (Results.).

The results can be filtered by 'Scope', 'Category' or 'Status', searched by 'ID' or 'Title', ordered by column values, and paginated to 15, 50 or 100 results per page.

Figure 3. Results.