Decidim consultatios is a Decidim plugin that allows managing public consultations.


This plugin provides:

  • A CRUD engine to manage consultations.

  • Public views for initiatives via a high level section in the main menu.

  • An URL that can be used in conjunction with an iframe element in order to embed a consultation inside an external page.


Add this line to your application’s Gemfile:

gem 'decidim-consultations'

And then execute:

bundle exec rails decidim_consultations:install:migrations
bundle exec rails db:migrate

Embeding a consultation

In order to embed a consultation inside an external page we must use an iframe element. The url required to use it is the same url for the consultation in Decidim but adding a '/embed' at the end. So for example if our consultation has the following URL:

we should embed it using the following URL:

Notice the '/embed' at the end of the URL.


See Decidim.


See Decidim.