Adds an administration dashboard so users can manage their organization, participatory processes and all other entities.


This will add an admin dashboard to manage an organization an all its entities. It’s included by default with Decidim.


Add this line to your application’s Gemfile:

gem 'decidim-admin'

And then execute:



Static pages

This component allows an admin to create pages to serve static content. Some example of this kind of pages could be:

  • Terms and Conditions

  • FAQ

  • Accessibility guidelines

  • About the project

All the pages can be created with I18n support and will be accessible as /pages/:page-slug. You can link them at your website the same way you link other Rails models: pages_path("terms-and-conditions").

There are some pages that exist by default and cannot be deleted since there are links to them inside the Decidim framework, see Decidim::StaticPage for the default list.


See Decidim.


See Decidim.